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  • Current projects

    Each year, the paramotor Miniplane evolves, keeping as basic reliability and lightness.

  • Obtimisation system flex bar

    The paramotor Miniplane is tirelessly copied as from him come the new solutions.

  • Miniplane at the forefront of the competition

    The Top 80 Miniplane regularly on the podium because the company is always looking for new solutions to improve the reliability and performance of the machine.

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    Easy to get on or off flight-suits with boots on - well adapted design for a comfortable flying seating posture.Numerous pockets.

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    The ICARO helmet Solar X was chosen by the two famous pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg to fly arround the world with their solar energy plane, the Solar Impulse.This helmet was chosen for its  light weight, durability, and reliability.It'sCertification EN 966.

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    The Caméléon is the gas controls what the smart phone to mobile phones is ... A revolution.

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    SYS'Nav 3 is an alti vario GPS with G-meter and mondial Airspaces.The best for competition and cross

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    Flymaster GPS is a new intermediate GPSwith SD card, her to the architecture of its brothers the LIVE and NAVIntegration air cards "3D AIR SPACES" screen. Despite a perfectible after sales service, it's a great product for Paramotor pilots and Paragliding. Battery life: 30 hours Power supply: USB charging or AC 200 volts

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    Paramotor Miniplane Flex Bars, with a 135cm cage provided for propeller 125 to 130 cm and news 2016 frame.The machine is equipped with an Engine Top80.The propeller can be wood or Carbon, it must be ordered separately (see accessories tab below).

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    We Ventilate and bend the parachutes type dome or Rogalo and check your pod extraction.Send your order with your parachute and your pod (as important as controlled) to:MosAiles51 rue de la gare57330 ZoufftgenIt will be returned as soon as possible, airy and folded.

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    Approved new generation reserve parachute (supplied without links)Companion is the new brand of high-quality emergency parachutes that is distinguished by a scientific product development. Joint venture companies of EVOTEC and ADVANCE combines immense expertise personified by paragliding legends like Hannes Papesh, Peter Mack and Mike Küng.

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    The CE certified Baojie radio offers paragliding and paramotor pilots to communicate a choice of two bands VHF / UHF frequencies. The functions of a professional equipment complimented with an ultra little price. The headphone jack is compatible with Kenwood connector.

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    Establishment of the application for recognition of your Paramotor. Allows you to register your glider for use as a paramotor. Fill, please the form below (personalization tab) before buying the product.

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    Helmet Skyrider TZ Carbone width adjustable Coulor: carbone Certification EN966 Delivered naked, with cockles anti noise or cockles compliant with Kenwood radio system

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