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  • Rescue parachutes

    Range of parachutes solo and tandem, approved with the latest standards (EN-12491). They were selected for their lightness and optimized surface for a minimum sink rate.

  • Paramotor helmets

    Paramotor helmet to fly with an approved protection. The paramotor helmets are tested and adpatés to use paramotor, microlight or gliding. They can be supplied with or without a visor, with or without shell noise, with or without radio system.

  • Clothing
    Selecting clothes paragliding paramotor: flight suit, jacket, shirt
  • Altivario GPS
    List of major Alti vario vario and GPS used in paragliding and paramotor: Alti vario Flymaster GPS Nav, with its aerial mapping of areas. Alti vario Ascent, very compact. Alti vario Flytec IQ Motor + GPS with wireless measurements. A must for paragliders. Alti vario Flytec IQ Basic GPS, the most used by paragliders.
  • Radios

    Selection of radio transceivers for paragliding and paramotor

  • Hardware

    Miniplane combining hardware, accelerator hooks, carabiners, pulleys, chain, shackles.

  • Library
    Books selection to facilitate the certificate of paragliding paramotors
  • Motor and gear oils
    Top 80 motor oils. Oil mixture, gear oil paramotor Miniplane
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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items