Builder of the paramotor Miniplane Top80

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  • Miniplane frame

    Miniplane paramotors frame and chassis and related parts: carrying handle, Clips, mobile sticks, calipers, pads, mounting poles, Cavalier, conical tubes hoops, nets, rings, fiberglass fittings Paramotor Miniplane

  • Top 80 motorization

    Paramotor Miniplane Top 80. Parts for carburetor, ignition, starter, motor, reduction, cooling, exhaust gas control paramotor Miniplane

  • Miniplane Propellers

    Wood or carbon propellers and propeller parts for all paramotor Miniplane Top80

  • Miniplane Tank

    Spare tank, filters, belts paramotor Miniplane

  • Miniplane Tools

    Tools specially designed for the maintenance of Paramotor Miniplane.