Pack Paramotor Adventure Pluma Light

Complete pack composed of :

  • 1 paramotor Adventure Pulma
  • 1 harness confort
  • 1 propeller

The set is delivered assembled

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Contenu du pack

The must of paramotor chassis:

Composed of carbon fabrics cut with lazer, the new chassis of the Adventure brand was tested at 15G with a weight of 125kg (a paraglider is tested at 5G).

The lightest of the market, it is intended for leisure pilots as for accro pilots.

This is a basic version without harness and without propeller.
The Complete Paramotor Packs are available here...

Presentation of the machine :

While many machines are still composed of welded aluminum bars, the Pluma with its new carbon chassis and its 3D mobile crutches is a revolution in the world of paramotor. The set offers its pilot a feeling of freedom equivalent to that of a paragliding pilot and the turns in the harness are no longer a legend.

The machine is the result of a set of technical choices emphasizing lightness, safety and efficiency. The frame, ultra resistant, is in its lower part, studied to absorb the violent shocks by deforming. The structure accepts, with pleasure, non-academic landings on the buttocks.

The engines chosen by Adventure, are created by professional engine manufacturers for a specifically paramotor use. Its performance in terms of consumption, thrust and reliability puts it at the forefront of recent international competitions.

Always in a spirit of lightness and safety, the protective cage is either aluminum or carbon profile. In case of large shocks, plastic fuses absorb deformations.

A large choice of motorization :

The Pluma adapts to all pilots and all styles of piloting, thanks to its different engines of new generation which have an excellent report weight power. 

Engine PowerPluma weight from
HUIT.1 (80cc)14cv18.7kg
ATOM (80cc)16cv17.9kg
EOLE (135cc)24cv22.6kg
MOSTER (185cc)25cv22.9kg

The propellers :

They were chosen according to the specific characteristics of each engine and come from the two most successful manufacturers of the market place.

The harness :

It comes in two levels (comfort or light version) and is specifically designed for Adventure machines. Exemplary comfort (even for the light version), it allows the pilot to fly hours without getting tired.

Light Adventure paramotor harness for Pluma frame.

Side rescue parachute pocket option.

*** Essayez-la chez nous ou chez vous ***

  • Weight 600g with standard carbon plate
  • Sizes S-M / L-XL
  • Anti-forgetting system
  • Automatic buckles
  • Pre-equipment for side parachute pocket.

Equipment / comfort 
  • Pulleys for accelerator.
  • Shoulder padding (for take-off carry).
  • Pre equipped with Pluma Adventure chassis mount.
  • Wide extension (foldable to facilitate the flight).

  • Removable neoprene tote side pockets (para pocket option)..

Propeller carbon cut for your paramotor Adventure Pluma and made in France

  • Choose the brand
  • Choose the diameter

This product must be part of a pack in which are defined the motor and gearbox ratio that will be used.

The propellers are chosen according to many criteria:

  • Too light, rises in revs can, in some cases, not be sufficiently linear.
  • Too heavy, they can generate too much mechanical stress.

The effects of couples vary depending on the frame, engine, type of propeller, weight of the whole, the choice of a propeller should not be random.

Adventure offers here its selection of propellers deemed the most appropriate for its machines.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us for advice.