Complete pack Glam helmet leather coating Ice Lite

Complete pack composed of :

  • 1 Glam leather helmet
  • 1 pair of anti noise hulls with or without radio system
  • 1 visor
  • 1 visor fastening system

The set is delivered assembled

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190,83 €

Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

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30,83 €

Delivery time about 5 days. Consult us

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33,25 €

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Contenu du pack

High-end Glam paramotoring helmet, covered with leather, comes with noise-reducing shells and fitted or not with radio system.

A visor can be mounted on this helmet (see bottom of this page)

EN966 certification

Principal features(Index)


Italian design

Designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the greatest Italian helmet developer.

The visor (optional)

3 colors: transparent, tinted brown, mirror.

(attention: the mirror visor is very delicate)

Visieres plexi de differentes couleurs


  • XSmall (cm 54)
  • Small (cm 56)
  • Medium (cm 58)
  • Large (cm 60)
  • Extralarge XL (cm 62)
  • XXL (cm 64)
The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.
Système de mesure pour choisir la taille du casque

Interchangeable internal padding

This helmet has internal padding that can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size.

The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.

Garnitures internes de casques icaro

One size fits all (option at order time)

We suggest this solution only for those pilots who fly with different passengers with different sizes.

You can change the size very quickly and also very easily the transpirant paddings.

Please note that the interchangeable internal padding is more confortable.

Casque parapente paramoteur ajustable toutes tailles

Adjustable plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces with luxury chin strap

Headset casque paramoteurAttache rapides de casque parapente paramoteurFixation visiere de casque parapente paramoteurFixation rapide casque parapente paramoteurProtection fixation casque parapente paramoteur

Ear cups and headsets

We use only the finest headsets, and we mount them perfectly onto the helmet.
We can apply the electronic apparatus for any type of radio equipment, including the professional headsets.

Once the headsets are fixed with our special screws onto the helmet and the polystirene is perfectly positioned in to the shell, it's nearly impossible to take it out again. It becomes also difficult to change the headset.
For this reason we recommend to decide at order time the appropriate headset.

Headset casque paramoteur

The advantages of wearing a headset fixed to the helmet

  • the ear cups can be flipped upwards or aside quickly and easily
  • on the ground you can thus hear normally
  • in the air you can ventilate your ears whenever you like
Headset casque Paramoteur

Certification E.N. 966

All helmets have been tested and certified in accordance with European standard (EN 966).
This headset is optimized to be as light as possible.
This helmet also has a certification for skiing (EN 1077).

Certificat de conformité pour le casque Icaro Fly

Hulls / Headset Ice-Lite to screw on helmet paramotor.

Economic solution to protect you from the noise, these shells can be delivered to you with an integrated electronic equipment allowing you to connect a radio system (connection Kenwood by default).

The Ice-Lite without radio system are dedicated to paramotor pilots who do not feel the need to communicate by radio but who do not joke with the health of their ears.

They can, in option, be converted into a paramotor headset (integrated radio system).

These hulls are especially dedicated to paramotor pilots thanks to their light weight, their weight and their reduced price.

On the radio system side, particular care was taken in the selection of components, their compatibility with the paramotor activity and their installation in the noise protection shells.


  • Screw on helmet system
  • Latest generation anti-noise shell
  • Hull locking and unlocking system
  • Filter perfectly engine noise
  • Kenwood compatible radio equipment (optional)
    • Spiral cable of professional quality.
    • Flexible microphone rod
    • Hull mounted transmit button left or right (left by default)
    • High-performance windscreen.
    • Microphone with high noise attenuation


  • Kenwood by default
  • Icom on request

Visor for Icaro SkyRider, Glam and TZ paramotor helmet

Fundamental element for your jet helmet, visor provides comfort and visibility.
Whether smoked or transparent colors, visor or helmet visor fits your needs and climate conditions.
If you fly in winter this visor is necessary to protect you from the cold.
Available in several colors, visors complement the look of your headphones, so you can change the style of your headset by simply replacing the visor.

Visor fixing system for Icaro helmet model Scarab, Glam and TZ