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It aims to promote material for ultra lightweight paramotor pilot can take off over the most varied wind conditions.

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It is dedicated to Paramotor Miniplane and parts paramotor Miniplane . If you are paramotor pilot Miniplane this site should meet your expectations. If this was not the case, do not hesitate to send us your comments. If you are not a pilot or you do not have PPG Miniplane your suggestions are also welcome.

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It is composed only of professionals who use the Miniplane every day and know this machine in every detail .


The Paramotor Miniplane is manufactured by Per il Volo , weight 19kg (version mobile butts ) all inclusive. His surge (standard propeller) allows it to be used by pilots from 40kg to 110kg .

The Top80 power unit assembly is known for its performance (consumption only 2 to 3 l / h) and reliability.

This is the preferred Paramotor paragliders who wish to minimize the inertia created by the extra weight.