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Container for anti-g GIN G-chute


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Storage Container for mini parachute GIN G-Chute which is designed to avoid the risk of black veil during rapid downhill spiral.

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The G-chute is designed to increase the rate of fall in 360 spirales while reducing felt the centrifugal force.

The G-chute is particularly suitable for high aspect ratio wings that generate high centrifugal forces.

The G-chute is easy to use but must be installed and used according to the instructions on the user manual.

This mini parachute folds into a mini container that attaches to any harness.

The strap G-chute is connected to the main links in the harnesst, the side where you hire your spiral.

With the G-chute , it is possible to decrease the centrifugal force of about 40%.

This reduction will also induce less stress on your glider and your lines.

Deploy the parachute and begin your spiral as normal. Although it is possible to achieve a very steep spiral, you will make fewer turns while maintaining a significant drop in rates and less feeling the effects of centrifugal force.