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The new Ozone Light Easy Bag, designed for paramotor pilots, is light and compact (240 g in size M, 300 g in size L), ideal for cross country flights and reduces weight and travel volume.

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Nkare Bag
Easy Folding
Niviuk gliders are designed and constructed using the very latest materials and technology. Performance innovations such as the SLE (Structured Leading Edge) and STE (Structured Trailing Edge) do require a certain amount of care, especially when folding the glider. To make this process easier we can introduce the new Niviuk NKare folding bag. This new NKare bag will assist to quickly fold and care for your glider whilst maintaining the profile and integrity of the internal structures.
The NKare will assist in the process of correctly folding your glider, allowing the pilot to fold and position the internal SLE and STE structure ribs one over the other, placing them on the longitudinal axis in an “accordion” fashion. Once the glider has been secured in the NKare bag it can then be folded in sections according to the model and the length of the SLE and STE structures of the glider. This folding system will help to ensure that both the material and the internal structures are maintained in perfect condition.
 Full Protection
To assist with the packing the NKare has 3 internal straps, each carefully securing the wing in the optimum NKare position. The NKare also features a small integrated riser protection bag, safely securing both risers to prevent metal to wing contact and also to prevent line and riser entanglement.
For efficient air displacement and to prevent the formation of humidity and wing damaging condensation the NKare has been designed with integral air vents and non closing ends. A full length high quality sleeved heavy duty zipper with vinyl snag protection avoids pinching the fabric. The closing direction of the zipper is from the trailing edge to the leading edge, allowing the remaining air to be expelled as the NKare bag is closed.

Quality Materials
The NKare has been made using high quality coated Rip-Stop nylon material, allowing constant use on any surface from soft grass to abrasive and rocky land without damaging either the glider or the NKare the bag.
The NKare bag weighs less than 375 grams, is available in Corporate color and one size fits all gliders.

In this new generation of highly technical gliders the NKare is the essential accessory for the optimum care and folding and your glider.