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Frame for Miniplane Top80 125 with flex bar

New product

Frame for paramotor Miniplane Flex Bars, with a 137cm cage provided for propeller 125 to 130 cm.

It is assembled and adjusted at the factory

The following items are not included:

  • 1 x 12-Liter-Tank
  • 1 x Pack Stainless steel shackle flex bar
  • 1 x Kit aluminum calipers flex bar
  • 1 x Kit suspension straps
  • 1 x Motor Top80
  • 1 x Propeller

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1 400,00 €

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Frame composition:

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With its mobile crosses the Miniplane offers its driver a feeling of increased freedom.

Turns to the harnesses are now possible and the engine torque is instantly offset by an inclination of the harness.

standard features:

Propeller of 125-130 cm
Diameter cage 137 cm
harness black
Weight 19.9 Kg

Presentation of the machine:

Paramotor Miniplane is the result of a set of technical choices focusing on lightness, safety and efficiency.

Its engine (the Top 80) was specifically designed for use with a paramotor. Its performance in terms of thrust to consumption and reliability place it at the forefront of international competition.

Since its inception, the Miniplane continues to evolve and improve on points of detail such as forced-air cooling system and the gear box which eliminates the problems associated with the transmission belt.

The Miniplane frame is made of aluminum. Its geometry is designed to absorb violent shocks deforming. However, the elasticity of the structure gladly accepts the non-academic landings on the buttocks (reversible elastic deformation, see strength of materials).

Always in a spirit of lightness and safety, the safety cage is fiberglass. As the chassis, it forgives small mistakes and absorb side impact by deforming.

The harness comes in two trim levels and is designed specifically for this machine. In exemplary comfort, it allows the pilot to fly for hours without getting tired.

The propeller is made of wood (rather reduced budget for beginners) or carbon (for those who do not want to break or fly double). To leave open the possibility the pilot to choose the material that suits him the most, Miniplane is proposed without propeller. Available sizes vary from 115 to 130 cm and have been studied specifically for each type of gear (different rate of reduction depending on the year).

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