Paraglider ADVANCE ALPHA 7

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Come fly with me.

To spread its wings, take off smoothly and fly like a bird, the ALPHA 7 is the ideal wing.
Thanks to the high quality materials and the most modern technologies used, this glider ensures you pleasure and safety during your training and for a long time afterwards.

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Paramotor cert.Yes
Weight kg5

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Technical Data

ALPHA 72224262831
Flat surfacem222.
Projected surfacem219.220.822.424.427.4
Recommended takeoff weightkg50-7060-8070-9585-110100-130
Increased takeoff weightkg70-8580-9595-110110-125130-145
Glider weightkg4.
Projected spanm8.
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Max. chordm2.662.772.893.023.19
Number of cells3838383838
Certification Recommended takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A
Certification increased takeoff weightEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF AEN/LTF A
Number of risers3+13+13+13+13+1