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Pair of parachute straps


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Pair of straps for single-seater paraglider and paramotor

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These lifting straps make a link between the harness and emergency parachute

We recommend using one 7mm stainless steel link to connect the straps and parachute (see Accessories tab).
We recommend using 2 6mm stainless steel  links to connect the straps and harness (see Accessories tab).

Length: 145 cm
Weight: 120g


Presentation d'un montage dangereux de sangles de parachutes de secours


The links are much more resistant to breaking when they work in the direction of the thread axis.

We advise you to tighten the links manually. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, it will be easily possible to unscrew.

To prevent a link unscrews and forced to work in the thread axis, use a piece of tape (as below) or wide elastic (room air bike).

Conseil de montage des sangles de parachute de secoures parapente



Manual folding parachute

Explanation of the various stages of folding a parachute.

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