Complete pack TZ helmet 3M-X5

Complete pack composed of :

  • 1 TZ helmet
  • 1 pair of anti noise hulls with or without radio system
  • 1 visor
  • 1 visor fastening system

The set is delivered assembled

89,05 €


95,75 €

37,98 €


40,83 €

30,92 €


33,25 €

169,49 €

Contenu du pack

Carbon TZ paramotoring helmet (replace Skyrider)

Adjustable width

Color: carbon

Certification EN966

Delivered naked but can be ordered with anti noise hulls with or without radio plugs (see Pack).

Hulls / Headset 3M-X5 gray - SNR 37 db to screw on helmet paramotor.

Excellent solution to protect you from the noise, these shells can be delivered to you with an integrated electronic equipment allowing you to connect a radio system (connection Kenwood by default).

Visor for Icaro SkyRider, Glam and TZ paramotor helmet

Visor fixing system for Icaro helmet model Scarab, Glam and TZ