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Controllable parachute Krisis Rogallo 2 Kortel

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The controllable rescue, Krisis Rogallo, works without dropping the wing.

Over the years (born in 1990), the parachute rogallo has reduced weight. Its size has decreased and today's rate hovered after opening allows cross country use without risk of severe mirror effect.

The Krisis Rogallo behaves initially as a hemispherical parachute, namely a stable vertical descent and with a sufficiently low speed. When opening at very low altitude, the pilot need only manage placed in PLF.
When opening at higher altitudes, the pilot has the ability to disengage the brake system to enjoy the finesse and the rate of fall of this incomparable parachute.

The Krisis Rogallo weighs just under 2kg, including pod. With a lightweight but durable fabric, as well as lines from a new material, weight and volume are folded extremely low despite the surface of 42 m2.

Features Krisis Rogallo II

  • opening lights (measurement EN: 2 seconds)
  • rates fall fully loaded (130 kg): measurement EN: 3.8 m / s
  • Lighter weight 1950 g with pod
  • braked parachute opening (the horizontal movement is initiated by the pilot)
  • positions adjustable brakes fixed depending on whether the emergency shoulder or main carabiners
  • turn almost on the spot with very direct orders
  • increased stability with particular construction straps twisted improving stability when the pilot
  • folded reduced volume (5429 cm3)
  • pod four flaps with additional safety equipment
  • Flat area: 41.75m2
  • Weight with Pod: 1950gr
  • Maximum load: 130kgu test EN): 2sec
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Number of central lines: 9x2
  • Registration Number: EP 046.2011 / 046.2011 RG
  • Testing guidelines and standards are: EN 12491:2001 / 2.DV LuftGerPV § 1 Nr.7c

Opening behavior

The specific method of folding Krisis Rogallo together with its shape allows an opening up to 50% faster than conventional round parachute rescue. Respecting the rules of folding, the neckties are nearly impossible.
The revolution to parachute airship is that it allows a braked opening which prevents the horizontal position displacement. This combines the advantage of a round parachute relief and the vertical fall of a steerable parachute which can move horizontally.

Launch and operation.

The Krisis Rogallo starts like a conventional parachute (extraction, arm arm, throwing). Thanks to its reduced horizontal speed, paragliding can remain attached to the harness because it is sufficiently relieved to be neutralizable to B with one hand. The hand remains free then used to direct the rescue. Note that if the glider is released, the fineness of rogallo is doubled for a slightly higher rate of fall.
Mounting on the spot

The Krisis Rogallo can be integrated into the built a fifth container. Mounting takes place at the shoulders. Caution: for attachment to the shoulders, the harness must be fitted with loops suitable fasteners.

Manual bending

Manual folding Krisis Rogallo


  • Will I have to release my paraglider when opening the emergency?
    No, the backup lets run smoothly. A complicated delivery system is not absolutely necessary.
  • How does the Krisis Rogallo after and without pilot?
    Even when the driver remain passive, the Krisis Rogallo running smoothly. It moves very little horizontally and not allowed to interfere with a paraglider is in a strong rotation.
  • Is what I can manage my Rogallo even without releasing my paraglider?
    Yes I do. Thanks to the reduced horizontal speed, paragliding is sufficiently relieved to be able to neutralize B with one hand and without forcing. The other hand is then used to direct the rescue. If it is high enough, the driver can even pick paragliding.
  • What will happen if the relief and paragliding tangle?
    In this extreme situation, the Krisis Rogallo reacts like a Round relief. With the advantage that it opens much faster and that given its surface, it falls more slowly and quietly.
  • Folding the Krisis Rogallo is it more complicated than that of a conventional rescue?
    It is different, but not more complicated. Given the growing popularity of Rogallo with drivers, there are also more and more skilled folding.
  • Is that I can also use Krisis Rogallo with low PTV?
    Under very low load, its flying qualities and its steering behavior remain unchanged, the horizontal displacement and the rate of fall is less important compared to a heavier driver. The rapid opening of Krisis Rogallo holds the comparison with parachutes round small relief easily.
    It is conscience that we have avoided the use of ultra light and cheap materials. The canopy and lines are of high quality and durability and proven in the field of parachuting. The Krisis Rogallo can be used in a SIV course above water.