Rescue parachute X-One

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The X-One parachute has been designed to make you fully enjoy the latest technical developments and the quality standards, with simplicity and affordability but at this price, the manual is in English.

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The X-One parachute:

  • It is an excellent basic choice for your first emergency parachute equipment. Its simplicity the folding, its low folded volume, its choices of design optimized to allow it to adapt to all assemblies and all harnesses.
  • High quality materials and state-of-the-art assembly techniques ensure reliability and durability.
  • Its weight and volume place it in the top of the light parachutes.
  • The speed of opening has been greatly improved compared to current standards. Total opening time in 3 seconds.
  • The square concept, combined with the exclusive arrangement of the vents, ensures a perfect stability, especially when the paraglider interferes with the rescue and threatens to produce pendulum movements.
  • The particularly low drop rate at medium load also allows a very high maximum load.
  • Its simplified folding, very similar to that of a very classic hemispheric, allows any pilot demanding to take charge himself the folding of his emergency parachute.
  • The X-One is one of the cheapest specialty parachutes on the market and is by far the best value for money for all new modern parachute concepts.

 X-ONE 120X-ONE 160
Maximum load [kg]LTF 120 / EN 105LTF 160 / EN 140
Number of panels2024
Weight of the parachute [kg]1.451.95
Area [m²]34.544
Number of lines2024
Number of Apex12
Sink rate at maximum load [m/s]LTF 5,98 / EN 5,49LTF 6,02 / EN 5,39
ApprovalLTF / ENLTF / EN
Test ReferenceLTF RG 065.2012LTF RG 068.2013
EN EP 128.2015EN EP 129.2015
Folded dimensions [cm]L27/B25/H9,5L28/B26/H11,5
Volume [cm³]49805600
Height [m]6.57.3
Max load per m² [kg/m²]3.483.64