Rescue parachute X-Two

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The X-Two is not the combination of some existing systems. This is a new form that avoids any rolling motion after deployment.

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The X-Two parachute:

The packing method is super simple and can be done even by no experienced packers. Because of the SYMMETRICAL CONSTRUCTION of the X-TWO this rescue DOESN´T start to fly forward after the deployment. Thus, the X-TWO system is also suitable for absolute beginner pilots from the first day on. The X-TWO sinks extremely pendulum-stable due to its novel 3-CORNER CONSTRUCTION, the triangular shape has a self-stabilizing effect.

max. | min. load90 | 45 kg110 | 50 kg130 | 70 kg220 | 110 kg
number of panels18212130
weight of parachute incl. riser0,95 kg1,1 kg1,25 kg2,25 kg
area26 m²30,5 m²35,7 m²63,9 m²
number of lines12151530
number of centerlines2 | 4 | 22 | 4 | 32 | 4 | 33 | 5 | 3
sinkrate max loadEN 5,39 m|sEN 5,07 m|sEN 5,47 m|sEN 5,35 m|s
Test standardLTF | EN (Air Turquoise)LTF | EN (Air Turquoise)LTF | EN (Air Turquoise)LTF | EN (Air Turquoise)
certificationEP 216.2018EP 215.2018EP 204.2017EP 206.2017
container sizeL 22cm
B 19cm
H 8,5cm
L 24cm
B 19,5cm
H 9,5cm
L 25cm
B 20cm
H 10cm
L 29cm
B 24cm
H 14cm
container volume3.100 cm³ (incl. lines)4.000 cm³ (incl. lines)4.600 cm³ (incl. lines)7.000 cm³ (incl. lines)
system length4,5 m4,8 m4,9 m7,3 m
max. area load3,46 kg|m²3,6 kg|m²3,64 kg|m ²3,44 kg|m ²