Headset Lynx

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Headset Lynx "Relay System" + Radio Module

Rolls of Headset.

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Outstanding features :

The headset Relay System is designed for direct connection to a portable radio and allows radio communication in high noise environments with a single user .

The headset is equipped with interchangeable Radio that configure for use with different brands and models of radios Modules .

The headset has a volume control and two buttons to control emissions radio transmissions. A connector is integrated to the connection of an additional transmission button .

Each headset has a microphone differential -type " electret " specially designed to remove noise . electronic speech processing and high quality headphones .

The microphone is sensitive to the word but rejects external noise while electronic processing changes the sound signal which provides a clear and natural sound.

The microphone is mounted in a shock- support and it is protected by a removable foam windscreen for cleaning or replacement .

Headphones headset are incorporated into acoustic fences close the headset sealed moisture and allow for hygienic cleaning .

The headset protects hearing outside noise to 110dB (A) All headsets are equipped with piercing ear silicone gel and are adjustable.


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Headset Lynx

Headset Lynx

Headset Lynx "Relay System" + Radio Module

Rolls of Headset.


User Manual Headset Lynx

Manual describing the operation of headset Lynx Relay System Manual

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