Paraglider ITV Boxer 2

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This is the new Full REFLEX recreational wing at ITV. Intermediate level / performance, it is dedicated to the paramotor. It perfectly combines speed, precision and efficiency, while maintaining a maximum level of passive safety.

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Cert. (EN/LTF/DGAC)DGAC-Paramotor
Paramotor cert.Yes
Weight kg5.4

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The Piper is a concentrate of ITV know-how and new technologies. With its low elongation, its ease of use is disconcerting. Its resistance to turbulence allows you to be comfortable in all flying conditions.

Its perfectly controlled surface state, combined with a new SLR profile, allows an excellent gliding speed in all air masses. Thus, the qualities of the PIPER are reflected in the fuel consumption which is significantly reduced.

Données techniques :

Flat Surface (m²)182022.52527.5
Weight (kg)
Span (m)9.8910.411.1011.6912.35
Chord (m)2.192.322.482.602.69
Aspect ratio5.455.455.455.455.45
Number of cells6060606060
Speed arms high (km/h)4444444242
Max speed (km/h) (km/h)70+70+70+70+70+
PPG Inflight weight range (kg) (Leisure)65-10065-10080-13090-140110-160
PPG Inflight weight range (kg) (Expert)65-14065-14080-15090-130110-180